One agency for all digital channels

Online marketing is not just one way to reach customers – in fact, it is a vast diversity of concepts, formats and technologies. All of these channels have their pros and cons. Making the right choices to get the biggest bang out of your bucks needs a lot of expertise. Welcome to your new partner for the German market and beyond.

In 2007 NetzwerkReklame was founded by Wolfgang Thomas in Hamburg. Having worked in the interactive media industry since its very beginnings back in 1994, he has worked for content owners, in the media sales as well as in media planning. Bringing together these different perspectives and leading an experienced team of twelve online marketing professionals, NetzwerkReklame offers the complete range of online marketing channels from display, video, newsletters, mobile to social ads.


A broad scope of industries and marketing goals

The agency currently works for about 40 different clients from various industries. The team has long time relationsships with national and international clients like Bauknecht/Whirlpool appliances, CASIO watches, the Hanseatic Bank, the online wine shop Hawesko or the travel companies ÖgerTours and Norwegian Cruise Lines. The marketing goals are as different as the markets. Therefore, we develop individual solutions according to the goals, ressources and target groups of our clients.


Making all instruments work together

While Google Adwords, mobile ads, newsletters, pre roll videos, native or social advertising are all great concepts by themselves, they will work pretty differently on different target groups. We start our work by analyzing the current and potential customers of our clients by using the most advanced planning tools for the German market like AGOF, Best4Planning or the Comscore panel. Combined with our experience, we select the channels, which will work best to reach our clients goals. We also take a detailed look at the resulting customer journey to identify the interdependencies between the online marketing channels and to reach an overall optimum. To make this possible, we offer the best adserver and online marketing tools available in the market like Turn, Adform, Doubleclick or Searchmetrics.


Your online media agency partner for Germany … and elsewhere

It’s true: as we operate from Hamburg, Germany is our home ground, which we know best. However, we also look beyond the borders and do campaigns in other countries like France, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, the UK or even in America or Asia. For many online media channels like Real Time Advertising, Socials Ads or Search, the fundamental process for planning and optimization of online media is identical.

So, if you are interested in working with one of the most ambitious online media agencies in Germany, do not hesitate to call or mail us.